Write in private about your life
It's ridiculously easy to do:

We send you friendly
emails asking "How'd
your day go?"

You reply and write
as much as you
want - that's it!

You end up with a
really neat collection
of your life stories

Take a peek inside

When you reply to our emails, we automatically save and organize what you wrote.
See an example below, and mouse over the green numbers to learn more.

When you reply to our email,
it instantly shows up here
Flip through your entries like
a book - it's a fun way to
remember your life
See your entries by month,
export them, and more

A few things people love about OhLife

It's private

Only you can read what you write. No friend requests, no posting your entries publicly.

Write when you want

You choose the days and time we email you. If we catch you on a busy day, don't worry - just skip it.

Nothing's like it

It's not a social network or a blog - it's a place for you to privately remember your memorable days.